Images from Spain through dance


Pianist María Dolores Gaitán presents her debut album “Images of Spain through Dance,” a musical journey full of color and classical-popular influences through great masterpieces of Spanish pianistic literature.

A modern, attractive, and elegant vision of Spanish classical music where the gesture of movement and the visual component of 19th-20th century Iberia are highlighted.

The album with which pianist María Dolores Gaitán begins her collaboration with the Swiss record label BAM-MUSIC was recorded in February 2019 at BARTOK studios (Italy), vividly portraying the figures of the foremost exponents of Spanish nationalism such as Granados, Falla, Albéniz, and Turina.

“Alhajas” Piano inspirations from al-Ándalus


The Andalusian pianist, in her second album “Alhajas: Piano Inspirations from al-Ándalus,” projects the musical roots of the Andalusian period, a golden century of unique intercultural confluences, presented through a modern and unusual pianistic language.

The exclusivity and innovation of this repertoire arise from its musical selection, combining the use of contemporary elements with those of the Andalusian period in Spain, where a melting pot of cultures such as Arab, Jewish, and Christian was created, offering a historical perspective and unique exoticism rarely seen in concert halls.

The compositions are based on musical transliterations from the 8th century, such as the “maqam” from “La Nuit du Destin” by Dia Succari, or the work in homage to Ziryab, composed and dedicated to María Dolores Gaitán by one of the greatest contemporary Spanish composers, David del Puerto.

This program is completed by other famous pieces inspired by the exotic, oriental, and Andalusian world, such as “La puerta del Vino” by C. Debussy or the famous Scheherazade by N.R. Korsakov.