Founded and directed since 2010 by María Dolores Gaitán

Organized by the Guadalquivir Cultural Pianist Association

FIP Guadalquivir is one of the most important classical music events in Córdoba and internationally, promoting the piano in all its aspects, as well as promoting the educational sector and social inclusion through music.

It takes place annually during the last two weeks of September, and its headquarters are based in Villa del Río, Córdoba and Milan.

The FIP Guadalquivir It is a unique music festival that turns the city itself into a concert stage giving life to monuments and singular spaces in a revolutionary way, as well as converting the citizen into the protagonist of the history of the town through the piano. Together with this, it hosts a competition for young talents, Piano Córdoba, as well as international innovation workshops and masterclasses.

It is the only festival that has the Four Unesco Heritage Sites of Cordoba as its venue. In 2018, FIPG became the first cultural entity to realize a show at the archaeological site of “Medina Azahara” (Unesco Heritage ’18) with an influx of public and excellent criticism, becoming news and achieving coverage from media such as RTVE, Antena 3 , Canal Sur , ABC and Diario Córdoba, among others.

During its ten-year history, the festival has managed to travel the waters of the Guadalquivir: exporting tradition, culture and innovation uniting for the first-time classical music with other sectors. Along with the earlier mentioned, IPF has been the first festival in Córdoba to export great musical shows and unite them together with fashion, jewellery, food and wine. In 2017, it was declared an official event of the “National Day of Spain” in Milan.